Why You Need Coda for Windows?

Coda is a powerful web development application. It's an text editor, CSS maker and also FTP client. It was first released in 2007 and in that year won the 2007 Apple Design Award for Best User Experience. Now Coda 2 is available. Unfortunately, Coda only runs on Mac OS X and iOS. Coda for Windows is unavailable OFFICIALLY. Get the best Coda for Windows alternative now - UltraEdit - Similar to Coda yet BETTER.

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What's The Best Coda for Windows Alternative?

If you're developing programs on Windows or want to find the best text editor for PC, you have to find a Coda for Windows alternative. Stop searching now. UltraEdit is what you want. Although it's called text editor, UltraEdit is a perfect development tool for HTML designer, programmer, editor or administrator.

Coda Windows Highlight

Like Coda, UltraEdit is an ideal software application to develop websites. It can help you quickly and effectively edit HTML, CSS, Java, VBScript, JavaScript, JSP, PHP, WindowsScript, XML, Bat, C#, C++, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, PerlScript, Python, Ruby, SQL, TeX, as well as basic texts.

An array of text editing tools are included, like Code Folding (Outline), Syntax Highlighting, Autocomplete, Find & Replace (Regex supported), Keyword Shortcuts, Site Preview, HTML validator, Projects, Files Explorer, Snippets, Bookmark and more.

In all, this Coda for Windows alternative is suitable for editing all kind of text in the fastest way. No wonder ZDnet.com’s Ed Burnette called UltraEdit the "World’s best text editor for PC." Full Unicode and true UTF-8 encoding is provided, for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. The ultimate weapon is its customizations. Via plugins and macros (JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, PerlScript, Python, Ruby), you can make it even better to fit your needs.

Coda for Windows Snippet

Do you code in Cocoa, AppleScript, Perl, Lisp, HTML, XML, PHP, javascript, C/C++, or Python? Besides the languages supported by default, UltraEdit also maintain a repository of over 600 wordfiles, including many obscure programming languages. From Actionscript to zMUD, you're fully covered!

Smart templates provide the easiest way of code completion, auto-expanding text, and context sensitive auto-complete. Now you're able to set up language-specific code templates and insert them based upon what kind of source file you're editing. Moreover, smart templates enables you to add custom variables to your template so you can tab through them upon insertion in order to finish the template.

The Function List makes it easier than ever to jump quickly to a function definition from a reference in your source file.

Want automation tasks? UltraEdit's integrated macro and scripting can help. You can write your own script or just download user-submitted macros and scripts here.

Coda for Window Validator

Validation is important to coding and satisfy your visitors. There are also other reasons to write valid HTML, XHTML, and CSS, like search engine friendly, faster rendered by web browsers, avoiding ugly pages, and so on.

Coda 2 now allows you to quickly check your HTML or CSS for errors. Similarly, UltraEdit's integrated HTML Tidy and HTML validation help you check HTML, XHTML, CSS and more.

The list below shows key features of UltraEdit - the recommended Coda for Windows equivalent.

  • Syntax highlighting for virtually any programming language
  • Editor themes to  complete control your work space
  • Quickly arrange layouts or make your own layouts
  • Integrated FTP client to upload files conveniently
  • Integrated file compare utility
  • Powerful search and file list generation tool
  • Quickly replace texts in multiple files at once
  • File and project explorer
  • Smart templates to code effectively
  • XML manager specially designed to edit XML files
  • Function listing
  • Column mode / block editing
  • XML / HTML tag highlighting
  • HTML tools
  • Macros and scripting
  • SSH / Telnet
  • Blazingly fast large file handling,  easily open files much larger than 4 GB.
  • Powerful text and file sorting with many advanced sort options
  • Status bar
  • More... (Full features list is here)

Simple Comparison Between Coda and UltraEdit

Features UltraEdit Coda
Preinstalled with OS
coda no coda no
Open Source
coda no coda no
Syntax Highlighting
coda yes coda yes
Find and Replace
coda yes coda yes
Compiler Integration
coda yes coda yes
Code Folding
coda yes coda yes
Bracket Matching
coda yes coda yes
Paid Software
coda yes coda for windows
Auto Indentation
coda yes coda yes
Auto Completion
coda yes coda yes
Multiple Undo/Redo
coda yes coda yes
Text Folding
coda yes coda yes
Internet Protocols
Spell Checking
coda yes coda yes
Supported OS
  • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mac & iOS
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